Artprize at Veenstra's Garage - Veenstra's Garage

Artprize at Veenstra’s Garage

October 2,2013

With Grand Rapids buzzing with excitement and flooded with people from all over the country for Art Prize, we were thrilled to be a part of it. Artists of all ages come in from all over the country to enter their work into Art Prize, and some come right from our backyards. We were excited to be a part of an entry that comes from the Grand Rapids area. Veenstra’s was part of the entry “7,000 Leaves of Love.” More than 7,000 local students took part in the creation of this entry. Art teacher Robert Penning came up with the thought that started this entry. When a tree fell in his backyard three years ago, he took some of the branches into his students and asked them to bring them back to life. The student’s projects reminded him of the life that had been given to his students through the love around them. Penning wanted to continue spreading the love and got art teachers in surrounding areas to jump in and have their students join the project. For the art prize entry, one of the art teachers hand crafted 80 clay birds and hid them each in boxes. The boxes were scattered throughout Kent and Ottawa counties and we were given box #51. When someone finds a box, they are asked to bring it back to the venue to complete the entry. Box 51 has been found at Veenstra’s and was taken by one of our very excited customers. They had just seen a segment on the news about “7,000 Leaves of Love” and were thrilled to be a part of it. Art Prize is an incredible event and we are very excited to have been a part of it.


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