Steering, Suspension, and Alignment for Wheels and Tires

Your steering and suspension system provides a smooth, stable ride while ensuring proper ground clearance for your tires. In the majority of suspension systems, springs and shocks/struts work together to absorb road impact and prevent bouncing and swaying. Given that shocks and struts are responsible for keeping your wheels in contact with the road, getting them replaced every 50,000 miles or so will generally help improve your vehicle’s handling and braking efficiency.

Furthermore, your steering and suspension system should also be checked every year as part of your preventative maintenance plan and to help prevent significant repairs. Any time you feel symptoms of steering or suspension troubles, have a certified auto technician check your car to correct the issue quickly. The longer you go without dealing with an issue with your steering & suspension system, the greater your odds will become of having to deal with a safety issue.

The condition of your steering and suspension system also has a major impact on wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment is critical to maintaining your vehicle’s ability to drive in a straight line. If your wheels get out of alignment, your vehicle might start pulling to one side or the other – problematic for handling as well as your safety. Premature tire wear is another potential problem that can arise from improper wheel alignment which is another reason to get your alignment checked regularly, as part of a preventative maintenance plan that Veenstra’s Garage can help you put together.