Transmission and Check Engine Light Services

Transmissions are extremely important to your vehicle’s health, and can often be diagnosed by reading the code from a check engine light. This vital component moves your car through the gears as it increases and decreases in speed, meaning that when it isn’t working, your engine won’t be able to work properly.

There are two main types of transmissions – manual and automatic. Both have positive and negative traits, but they also both require regular maintenance in order to continue operating at a high level.

Cars with manual transmissions (stick shift/clutch) tend to have a lower purchase price than those with automatic transmissions. They also use less fuel, accelerate quicker, and are (generally) less expensive to maintain. The downside of manual transmissions is that more effort is required for drivers to learn how to use them properly and they can be somewhat cumbersome in bad traffic conditions.

Automatic transmissions, meanwhile, afford car owners the freedom to drive with relative ease and not worry about shifting gears while keeping their eyes on the road and negotiating braking, accelerating, etc. This style of transmission is also gentler on the drive train when compared to an improperly driven manual transmission.

No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, at some point you will experience issues with it as your odometer racks up the miles. Some common transmission problems include leaking fluid, funny sounds (whining or humming in particular), gears not shifting properly and the check engine light coming on.

If you notice any of these problems, be sure to call Veenstra’s Garage right away. Our friendly, ASE-certified technicians are well-versed in transmission repair no matter what type of vehicle you have. We have over 90 years’ worth of experience working on both foreign and domestic vehicles, so be sure to get in touch with one of our two locations today if you have any questions/concerns regarding your transmission.

Veenstra’s Garage has been specializing in foreign and domestic engine repair for the past 90 years. A check engine light can imply anything from a loose gasoline cap to something much more serious, such as a blown head gasket. Having your vehicle’s engine checked regularly can prevent various failings of engine parts. Your vehicle’s computer system receives information from a network of sensors and then commands correct action from the ignition, fuel, and emission systems for proper fuel mileage and engine performance. If any of those systems fail or misfire, it triggers the computer to turn on your check engine light, which should trigger you to bring your car into Veenstra’s Garage for our full-service engine repair.

The technicians at Veenstra’s Garage are able to take care of your engine and transmission issues to get you back on the road quickly. To schedule an appointment, call our Ada location at (616) 682.1470. Or Call our Grand Rapids location at (616) 454-6597