6 dangerous auto noises that should not be overlooked:

Posted July 18, 2016

All motorists have had that moment – the one when that worrisome noise starts. Even cars in tip-top shape make noises, and most of them aren’t problematic or a sign that something is in need of imminent repair. The fan hums a bit loudly, tires whirr, something small in the dashboard rattles a bit – these are normal sounds. If some part of your car begins to band, squeal, click, or scrape, though, some investigating should be done by your auto repair expert. It’s likely this is a problem that will manifest itself in some more unpleasant form sooner rather than later.

Here are 6 dangerous vehicle noises that should not be overlooked:


A thumping noise could mean a flat tire. Pull over right away and take a look.

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Depending on where the noise originates, squealing can mean a belt problem. It could also be your brake pads are worn down.

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A grinding noise can be another sign of brake problems, although it doesn’t have to be since grinding occurs when metal scrapes up against another metal surface.


If your car is making a whining noise, this could mean ball joints need to be replaced.

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Fan problems and belt deterioration sometimes cause flapping sounds.

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Hissing or Sizzling

Leaking fluids result in the hissing noises you hear when you turn off your car. Is your vehicle leaking oil, coolant, or any other fluid? Hissing can also mean your engine is overheating. As with any sizzling noise, be careful in your investigation of the problem and let your car fully cool down first, especially on those hot Grand Rapids summer days. You do not want to be dealing with second-degree burns on top of car problems.Many times the onset of these noises begins when the driver does something specific like accelerating, turning the steering wheel sharply, or braking, and the noise continues to occur when those actions are repeated. This kind of information is valuable for your Grand Rapids auto repair specialist to know when determining what exactly the problem is and how you should, or should not, continue operating the vehicle.It’s never a fun thing to hear strange noises coming from your car, but don’t worry too much if it does happen. The problems listed above are common and can be fixed. Many of them are not bank-breaking repairs either. However, even if you have a serious car problem, it’s important to address it as soon as possible to prevent further damage, and to ensure the safety of you and your family. Driving a broken down car is taking a risk with your life, the lives of your passengers, and the lives of the other people on the road with you.Veenstra’s Garage in Grand Rapids would be glad to help diagnose a problem with your car and get you driving safely on the road again. Call one of our auto repair specialists any time at 616-454-6597 to set up your free 22-pt. inspection!

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