How to Handle a Tire Blowout

Posted July 8, 2021

Drivers in Michigan encounter many distractions on the road—traffic, cell phones, music, passengers, etc. Even the open road can allow a driver’s mind to wander. If you’re distracted when a tire blowout occurs, your drive can become extremely dangerous. You’ll need to gather yourself quickly and follow the correct maneuvers in order to remain safe while you guide your car to safety. We’ve put together a few tips on how to properly handle a tire blowout so you can get off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

The easiest way to remain safe from a tire blowout is through preventative maintenance. Taking care of your tires can reduce many of these common causes of blowouts.

Causes of tire blowouts:

Over/underinflated tires

Misaligned tires

Overloaded vehicle

Sharp objects on the road

When a blowout occurs, the vehicle will veer toward the blown out tire regardless of your speed. Most often, blowouts occur at relatively high speeds. A normal reaction of a driver may be to panic; however, the number one rule of dealing with a blowout is to keep calm. You won’t violently spin out of control during a blowout if you handle it correctly.

Safely maneuvering during a blowout:

DO NOT hit the breaks or turn the steering wheel—an initial reaction of most drivers

Briefly press the accelerator to maximize control

Firmly grab the steering wheel and stay in your lane

When you can safely do so, carefully guide your vehicle to the shoulder or safe location as you begin to decelerate

Once you’re at comfortable and safe speed, you can apply the brakes and come to a full stop

Turn on your hazard lights

Even if you never experience a tire blowout, it is always beneficial to know what to do. To avoid a tire blowout, come down to Veenstra’s Garage and let our ASE-certified mechanics give your vehicle and tires a thorough inspection. So get in touch with us today to set up an appointment!

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