Veenstra’s Garage. If Cars Could Choose.

Posted February 8, 2013

We are so glad you got time to look us up. Hopefully when your driver comes back, he or she will see the page up on the browser, be interested enough to peruse the page, and will bring you over to our place. With the computer technology and online access available to you these days, you deserve to get connected to the best. You have great taste, it’s obvious. You know fair prices when you see them. You appreciate knowledge and the distinct difference in the quality of service that comes with it.

What you may not know is that we were the 2009 winner of the Best of Grand Rapids Auto Repair Shop. It is a distinction for which we are very proud. When you aren’t feeling up to par or something doesn’t seem quite right, come see us. Maybe you just need your oil changed or your wheels need alignment. Or maybe you need a fuel injection/engine tune-up. Whatever you need done, we can take care of for you.

We’ve been in business for over 80 years, helping our busy clients find peace of mind through our knowledge and exceptional service. Being a three generation automotive repair company is something that has given us the experience and has earned us the trust of our neighborhood and community. So do your best to spread the word and come check us out!

Veenstra’s Garage. If cars could choose. (And this time, you did!)

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