Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control

Posted June 5, 2013

At Veenstra’s, it is easy for us to get excited about cars. But we love it when we get to see customers get excited about them too. The other day, a customer came in and was talking about a new feature on the 2013 Ford Fusion called Adaptive Cruise Control.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a feature that allows the driver to set and maintain the vehicle’s speed without using the accelerator pedal, just like regular cruise control. But Adaptive Cruise Control will also turn on a radar sensor system that detects upcoming vehicles and will reduce the speed accordingly and then reset to original speed when traffic clears. All of this happens automatically and can be overridden by the driver by simply braking.

Our customer was excitedly telling us about this feature in his car, when another customer asked if he could listen to our conversation. Turns out the second customer was on Ford’s design team for the Adaptive Cruise Control project! We loved getting to see our car-loving customers connect and talk about the industry. Cars are our passion and we would love to talk with you about them anytime!

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