Choosing the Right Tire for Your Car

Posted December 9, 2013

Choosing the right tire for your car is very important. The tire is the most important safety feature of your car. It is the only part of the vehicle that ever makes contact with the road. Even if your car has a brand new engine, new brake pads and is well kept, it still needs to have the proper tires.  Here are a few tips to make sure your tire choice will pair well with your vehicle.

1. Choose the right size

Make sure the tire you choose is the right size for your vehicle. This may be the most important tip. Making sure your tire is the right size will insure that your vehicle is able to run properly and be the safest for you while you travel. If you are replacing your tire, you can see the size of your tire printed on the sidewall of them. There is a code printed on the tires that tells what size they are and their capabilities. The capabilities include the load and speed ratings as well as what conditions it is made for. Using this code you will be able to know what size and capabilities work for your car and buy new ones that are alike.

2. Know where to buy your tires

Buying your tires from a dealership can often be very expensive and not your best bet. Going to a local shop can give you a much more reasonable price on tires. Also, your service manager will be able to take the time to select the correct tire size and capabilities for your car.

3. Consider your driving characteristics

It is important to know the recommended tire size and type for your specific vehicle. This will give you a good starting point.  Then think about what type of driving you will be doing and where you will be doing it. If you are in winter weather you might want to consider winter tires. Do you prefer a soft ride? Firm ride? That part is all your preference and what you feel most comfortable in. It is also very important to make sure you pick a tire that is capable of supporting your vehicle’s load. If your car requires light truck tires make sure you buy those and not passenger car tires, which are for lighter cars.tire

4. New vs. Used

When it’s time for new tires one of your first decisions will be weather you want to buy new or used tires. Many drivers opt for new tires to insure that they are receiving the proper tire that is not worn or damaged. If you decide to go with used tires, make sure to use caution when finding them. Make sure the tread on the tire isn’t worn out. You can do this by a simple penny test. Place a penny head first into several tread grooves on the tire. If you always see the top of Lincoln’s head, that means the treads are worn and the tires needs to be replaced. Also use caution on used tires making sure there are no punctures or defects. This makes the tire unsafe and you will end up having to replace it again very quickly.

Remember, tires are the most important safety feature of your car, so take the time to learn what tire is the best fit for your car.

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