Understanding the Importance of Alignment in Tire Health

Posted April 1, 2024

Wheels and tires are just two of many parts and components that make vehicles go where you need them to take you. Making sure your wheels are aligned properly gives your tires the following benefits.

Enable Proper Tire and Wheel Tracking

It’s really easy to knock one or more wheels out of alignment by hitting a curb, driving over a big pothole, or allowing the suspension parts to wear out. When the wheels and tires aren’t aligned, your vehicle won’t track like it should. Instead, it will wander to one side, which usually causes drivers to compensate by steering in the opposite direction. There likely is just a modest amount of steering compensation needed to correct the effect of the misaligned wheels, but it shows the wheels and tires are undergoing more stress than they should and might lead to an accident.

Ensure Traction and Handling

When your vehicle has properly aligned wheels and tires, it will go where you want it to go without wandering out of your traffic lane or making it harder to turn and steer around corners. Your tires have the best chance to maintain good traction, even when driving conditions are less than ideal. Misaligned wheels and tires endure extra stresses that wear them out faster and might make a tire failure more likely. A simple and affordable wheel alignment service done by a qualified and ASE-certified mechanic can restore proper tracking and handling.

Get a Longer Service Life

Tires can be an investment, so it’s best to ensure you get the longest possible service life from each set that you put on your car. Keeping the wheels aligned helps the tires last longer and prevents uneven tread wear. The nominal cost of aligning two or all four wheels pays for itself through longer tire life and safer driving in all kinds of weather.

If your car’s wheels and tires are causing it to wander while driving, you can call or stop by your local mechanic to learn more about an alignment service. According to Forbes, mechanics need to pass one of 40 exams and have two years of work experience to become Automotive Service Excellence certified, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in the hands of an expert. Contact our experienced and professional team at Veenstra’s Garage today for your next alignment!

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