Does your Automobile Need Service After this Winter? 4 Things to Check

Posted March 21, 2014

This Michigan winter has most likely taken quite a toll on your vehicle. From accidentally sliding into iced over snow banks, bumping over crater-like potholes, salt spraying the undercarriage of your car, and maintaining your engine in below zero temps; this spring our cars definitely need some tender, loving care. Upon the closing (here’s hoping) of the winter season, here are some ways you can make sure your vehicle is in top shape and repaired from winter’s damage.

One of the top priorities for auto service maintenance this spring is checking your car’s engine oil level. Oil is the blood that keeps your engine running smoothly. This can often get overlooked in the winter because there are dozens of other car factors to maintain, but it is extremely important. Oil should be changed often and kept clean. Low or dirty oil may have very negative effects on the parts of your engine, especially during the hot months of summer.

Check all of your vehicle’s fluids, along with oil. As driving increases in the summer months, fluids and lubricants should be properly maintained. Coolant, power steering, wiper fluid, and brake and transmission are all necessary to maintain. These fluids help your vehicle regulate temperature and operate smoothly. It may be a good idea to add a bottle of coolant system sealer to the system this spring, even if the coolant levels are not low. This will prevent any small seepage and ensure your fluid levels stay regulated through the summer.

Double check that your battery is fully functional. If you have any dimming headlights or interior lights, it may be time for a new battery. Winter is hard on batteries because they are working twice as hard to get things like the starter and alternator going. The connection should be free of corrosion from the heavy winter months. If you do find your lights dimming or power windows taking more time than usual, batteries are simple to replace.

When it’s warm enough, make sure you give your car a nice, thorough washing as well. All that salt needs to come off the exterior and the underside as well, or you will have corrosion damage. With spring here, you can finally look forward to washing your car and having it stay washed.

After your engine, maintenance and auto service is complete, roll down your windows and take a drive in West Michigan’s beautiful countryside and watch the flowers, the grass, and the leaves come to life again. After months of looking at white, this will help you to repair yourself as well.

By: Mike Veenstra

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