Most Worrisome Car Noises

Posted December 21, 2014

broken down car making noises

Even cars in tip-top repair still make noises. Most of the time, this doesn’t mean you have larger problems. The fan hums a bit loudly, tires whirr, something small in the dashboard rattles a bit — these are normal sounds. However, if you begin to hear worrisome car noises, like squealing or clicking, you need to investigate. It’s likely this is a problem that will manifest itself in some more unpleasant form sooner rather than later.

Most Worrisome Car Noises

Here are some examples of dangerous car noises that should not be overlooked:


A thumping noise could mean a flat tire. Pull over right away and take a look.


Depending on where the noise originates, squealing can mean a belt problem. It could also signal that your brake pads are worn down.


A grinding noise can be another sign of brake problems, although it doesn’t have to be since grinding occurs when metal scrapes up against another metal surface.


If your car is making a whining noise, this could mean ball joints need to be replaced.


Fan problems and belt deterioration sometimes cause flapping sounds.

Hissing or Sizzling

Leaking fluids result in the hissing noises you hear when you turn off your car. Is your vehicle leaking oil, coolant, or any other fluid? Hissing can also mean your engine is overheating. As with any sizzling noise, be careful in your investigation of the problem and let your car fully cool down first. You don’t want to deal with second-degree burns on top of car problems.

Repeated Actions

Many times, these car noises begin when the driver does something specific. You may hear something when accelerating, turning the steering wheel sharply, or braking. Does the noise continue when you repeat those actions? This kind of information is valuable in determining what exactly the problem is. Make sure to relay this to your mechanic when you take your car in to be fixed.


It’s never a fun thing to hear strange noises coming from your car, but don’t worry too much. The problems listed above are common and can be fixed. Many of them won’t break the bank either.

However, it’s important to address more serious problems as soon as possible. Damage to one part of your car can cause more damage to elsewhere. There are safety considerations to take into account as well. Driving a broken down car is taking a risk with your life, the lives of your passengers, and the lives of the other people on the road with you.

If your car starts making strange noises, stop by Veenstra’s Garage for your 22-point checkup. We’d be glad to help you diagnose a problem with your car and get you driving safely again on the road.

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