How To Keep Your Auto out of the Repair Shop

Posted February 25, 2016

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You, like most people, think keeping your auto clean means a trip once or twice a month to the car wash. If you keep that up though, your car might need a pricey trip to the repair shop.


Due to exposed components and open chassis, most cars and trucks are at risk for damage by water, salt, and anything else on the road that can be kicked or sprayed up. 

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The salt, ice, and dirt latch onto every inch of your vehicle, especially the undercarriage and edges of the frame, damaging it over time. Left on your shiny new ride for too long, and this can result in your automobile needing repair services and parts needing replaced.

auto repair grand rapids

As citizens of Grand Rapids, this is an unavoidable nuisance every winter. Our nasty overnight freeze-and-thaw cycles result in your vehicle being constantly exposed to moisture. If you want to keep rust away and keep your auto out of the repair shop, there are a few preventative steps you can take.

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Going to car washes more often, keeping your vehicle clean daily, and storing it in a garage are the best ways to make sure your car stays looking like new all year long. If you’re reading this post after rust has already eaten away at your car, don’t go turning your ride in at the junkyard just yet.


Bring your vehicle to a local Grand Rapids auto service, car service, or repair shop– or call Veenstra at (616) 454-6597. We’ll provide anti-rust treatments and other services to remove rust from your ride, and keep it off longer.

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