5 Signs it’s Time for a Wheel Alignment

Posted May 25, 2017

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“Why won’t my car drive straight,” you ask yourself as you steer your car away from the curb. Your vehicle is pulling left or right like an eager dog pulling on its leash. However, your car is not having a “squirrel” moment. The issue is often found in the underbelly of your vehicle. How your wheels are aligned can greatly influence your driving experience. There are few key signs that your car may be in need of a wheel alignment service.

1. Your vehicle has its own agenda.

Fighting your car to stay between the lines as it pulls one way or another can indicate issues with alignment. Symptoms can range from a subtle tug to a hard pull. Occasionally, the trouble is found in tires being under-inflated or of the wrong size.

2. Your steering wheel is off center.

If your steering wheel is not straight, it can be a sign of your alignment being out of place. This can also be an indication that your steering components are worn. Keeping your car steady and straight requires aligned and working parts. 

3. Your car feels like a horse and buggy.

Excessive shaking or vibration of your vehicle is another cause for concern. Your car is designed to ride smoothly over pavement, not feel like a bouncy ride from the last century. It is also worth inspecting your suspension, tire balance, and brake rotors as cause for concern.

4. Your car sounds like a horse and buggy.

Issues with wheel alignment can also cause an assortment of unpleasant noises. Squeaking, creaking, and knocking are all indicators that it is time to have your alignment inspected for loose or worn components.

5. You have irregular wear on your tires.

An unusual distribution of wear on tire tread is a clear indicator of issues with alignment. Look for heavy wear on the shoulders of a tire or feathered tread which has pointed edges. Cupped wear often points towards issues with unbalanced tires or a worn out suspension.


These various symptoms can arise overtime as your car deals with imperfections on the road. Potholes, jumped curbs, and branches can all affect the alignment of your vehicle. The suspension and steering of your car is subjected to wear and tear just like the rest of it. Being aware of these indicators can help you decide when it’s time to talk to a professional.If your car is suffering from signs of misalignment, call a Veenstra’s repair specialist at 616-454-6597 to schedule a 22-point inspection, and allow us to to get your car cruising smoothly again.

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