Car Shaking? Here are 5 Places to Check

Posted June 14, 2017

why is my car shaking

If driving your car feels like being subjected to your own personal earthquake then you’ve probably asked yourself, “why is my car shaking?” From subtle trembles to embarrassing shudders, your car has become a source of frustration or dread. The cause of these vibrations can stem from several places within your vehicle.

1. Engine Issues

When shaking is coming from your engine compartment the symptoms include the following: shuddering during acceleration, steady shaking within a specific range of speed, or your car shaking only after its been running for a while. To solve these issues, start by checking the spark plugs and the wires they are connected to as they could need replacing. It may also be time to change out your air filter or fuel filter.

2. Uneven Axles

If your car vibrates more intensely as you pick up speed, it could indicate an issue with your axle. A minor accident or bump can cause a bend in your axle. Similarly, a bent axle can highlight an issue with your driveshaft. Problems can stem beyond the axle itself into your constant velocity, or CV, joints.

3. Behind the Brakes

When you apply the brakes and your car starts shaking, it’s time to check out the rotors. Over time, the surface can become worn and uneven, or they can even become bent. Faulty rotors result in brake parts that can no long perform their proper function.

4. Worn Wheels

Vibrations can be caused by issues with alignment. However, it is best to extend your search further to the wheels themselves. Your wheel bearings may need replacing or the actual wheel itself. The issue may also be found within the tie-rod ends or ball joints.

5. Tire Troubles

Quite often, the source of your car jerking and shaking is due to the condition of your tires. You may be in need of a tire balance, a tire replacement, or a tire rotation. Tires should provide your car with a smooth ride – but much like your sneakers, they need to be watched for wear.Dealing with a shaking car can be a hassle and stressor, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. At Veenstra’s, we can identify the problem with our thorough 22-point inspection, call 616-454-6597 to schedule your appointment today.



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