Prevent Corrosion from Road Salt this Winter

Posted November 2, 2020

Winter roads in Michigan can be messy. With snow, ice, mud and road salt to deal with, it can seem like keeping your vehicle clean can be next to impossible this time of year. However, in addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, keeping your car clean during the winter is even more important than other seasons because of one major enemy of vehicle health: corrosion.

As we all know, salt is used to combat snow and ice on our roads. While this is a good way to battle the elements, road salt can do serious damage to your vehicle’s exterior if its allowed to fester; it can also cause premature rusting and inflict damage on exposed components when it collects on your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Here are some tips to help you avoid prevent damage from road salt during the next few months:

Wash your vehicle regularly. Be sure to target your vehicle’s underside as this is a prime problem spot for road salt buildup. Typically, automated car washes will have an option that includes cleaning your vehicle’s undercarriage which can sometimes cost extra but is definitely worth the expense.

Try to avoid driving through deep snow and puddles. Road salt tends to collect in these precipitation clusters and are therefore the primary vessels for transferring the iodized menace onto your vehicle. If possible, try and take roads with few or no puddles and avoid snow banks whenever it’s an option.

Inspect your exterior regularly. If you notice chipped paint or scratches of any kind, you should have your body repaired immediately to prevent the onset of corrosion which can quickly spread all over the rest of your vehicle.

Wax your vehicle. In addition to helping your car look its best, wax also forms a protective layer that will protect salt and other elements from penetrating your vehicle’s exterior.

Winter is a tough time to be a driver, especially in the Wolverine State, but remembering to get your car washed in order to avoid corrosion is very important to your vehicle’s health. If you do notice any damage on your exterior or if you have any questions/concerns about your car this winter, be sure to click HERE to schedule an appointment with our ASE-certified technicians!

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